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"Frederick Douglass Republicans (FDR) vs. CRT"

If you're tired of being called a racist and you are at a lost on how to educate your Marxist indoctrinated family and friends about the value of Liberty, LISTEN

Frederick Douglass, the Forgotten Prophet, is America's greatest thinker, writer and speaker on Liberty and human rights. Leveraging his Liberty Liberty message is the best way to defeat Marxism and awaken Marxist Indoctrinated individuals about the importance of Liberty.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a Marxist agenda to destroy America from within by causing resentment between Whites and Blacks.

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informative 10-page ebook, we'll help you to dismantle CRT with quotes from Frederick Douglass regarding three CRT assertions:

That Blacks are perpetual victims of White racism
That White people are innately racist with to redeeming qualities
That there are not absolutes

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