98% of Conservatives fail don't be one of them

Discover the Strategies to Awaken and Educate Your Marxist Indoctrinated Family and Friends About the Value of Liberty

Most Conservatives fail when it comes to articulating the message of Liberty and trumping the race card. As a result, they are unable to awaken and educate their Marxist indoctrinated family and friends about the value of Liberty.

What's more, many people indoctrinated into Marxism have never been introduced to America's greatest thinker, writer and speaker on Liberty and human rights, Frederick Douglass. Once they hear it, they develop a passion for Liberty and change how they vote.

Give them a dose of Douglass - the Frederick Douglass Republican Online Course

We need to stop identifying ourselves as "Conservatives" because the word has a racist connotation and slams the door to successful political discourse.

KCarl Smith

#1 Diversity Engagement  and Conservative Messaging Expert

FDR Engagement Strategy Online Course

We are excited about this course and what you will learn:

How to awaken your Marxist indoctrinated family and friends and ignite within them a passion for Liberty
Why the word "conservative" has a racist connotation
How to turn antagonistic encounters into teachable moments
The trigger words that slam the door to effective engagement
How to create trust and credibility for yourself to seize control of the narrative
How to trump the race card
Three deadly mistakes you MUST avoid when it comes to sharing the conservative message
Why the Liberty message of Frederick Douglass is the best way to teach someone about the value of Liberty
Why the ministry of the Apostle Paul is the blueprint for diversity engagement
And much, much more

I'll Teach You Everything I Know ...

The Left has no answer for our persuasive messaging model and they never will - the Frederick Douglass Republican (FDR) Engagement Strategy.

It's worth repeating. The FDR Engagement Strategy is based on the liberty message of America's greatest freedom fighter Frederick Douglass, the diversity engagement approach of the Apostle Paul and the outreach ministry of Jesus Christ. 

It's an ABSOLUTE game-changer.

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"This course is on point. It has helped me to become a better messenger of Liberty. I now have the confidence, knowledge and skills to effectively articulate and defend my conservative viewpoint with anyone."

Lynne Roberts

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