It's Simple ... Conservatives Love the FDR
Engagement Strategy Because It Works...


More Than 3-Amazing Hours Covering Everything
You Need to Master the FDR Engagement Strategy

Learn how to Successfully Trump the Race Card and Defend Your Conservatives Values ...

Session 1

KCarl shares his personal story and how the FDR Engagement Strategy was created.

Session 2

From a historical perspective, KCarl explains why the word "conservative" has a racist connotation, especially in the black community.

Session 3

What makes Frederick Douglass a divine fit for today?

Session 4

THE LIFE OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS:  KCarl discusses why Douglass is a divine fit for today. The life of Douglass is both informative and inspiring. It is the key for trumping the race card and winning the narrative battle.

Session 5

RESPECT OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION: KCarl discusses Douglass' view on the Constitution, Three-Fifths Clause, school choice and much more.

Session 6

RESPECT FOR LIFE: KCarl shares Douglass' thoughts  and quotes on the issue of life.

Session 7

LIMITED POWER OF GOVERNMENT: KCarl discusses Douglass thoughts regarding the role of government, wealth creation and entitlements.

Session 8

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY: Frederick Douglass was a firm believer ... KCarl shares what Douglass had to say about it.

Session 9

THE THREE MYTHS: KCarl dispels three myths regarding the FDR Engagement Strategy.

Session 10

THE THREE CHALLENGES: KCarl addresses the 3-challenges facing the conservative movement and how to overcome them?

Session 11

ART OF ENGAGEMENT: KCarl teaches the FDR Engagement Strategy and to turn the most asked challenges that Conservative face into teachable moments.

Session 12

BIBLICAL CASE STUDY: How the ministry of the Apostle Paul provides a blueprint for diversity outreach and how to trump the race card?

Session 13

PRACTICAL EXERCISE: It's time to put the FDR Engagement Strategy into practice. Take the challenge!

Session 14

BONUS VIDEO: KCarl shares his perspective regarding the words African-American vs. American.

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An upper level executive of the NAACP, who wishes to remain anonymous, commented, "If KCarl's Frederick Douglass Republican message gets on a national level, the Democratic Party is toast."

About Your HOST

KCarl Smith

KCarl is a nationally recognized speaker, author and creator of the FDR Engagement Strategy, a powerful and proven persuasive messaging approach--developed through years of real word successes.

A retired U.S. Army field grade officer, for more than 11 years, KCarl has empowered thousands of Conservatives, including candidates, with his propriety diversity outreach best practices.

The nation's #1 Diversity Engagement Strategist, KCarl is a member of the Trump Presidential Campaign Coalition Advisory Board.

KCarl  Smith

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